The main categories of immigration to Canada

If you are a Dubai person and want to migrate to Canada, you can choose a suitable program for which you have the ability. Although it is quite easy to get permanent residence status in Canada within a maximum of 6 months, you should meet many requirements and come under any of the main immigration categories listed by the immigration committee of Canada. You can migrate to canada from dubai under any of the categories listed below if requirements are met.

Categories of Migration to Canada
•Economic migration – as a federal worker or business investor
•Family sponsorship – sponsored by a Canadian resident relative
•Refugee Class – Refugee who are unable to return to their own countries
Economic Migration Class
This is the category of migration in which, you can either be a federal skilled worker with any experience of a managerial, technical, or professional worker willing to contribute to the economy of Canada. You can also enter Canada as a businessman willing to buy an existing business or start a new business in Canada
Family Sponsorship
If you are a Canadian permanent resident, you can sponsor some of your eligible relatives such as a spouse, conjugal partner, children, and parents along with some other cases of other relatives once they meet the requirements. If you are sponsoring a relative, you should take care of the financial need for their survival in Canada. You should sign a sponsorship agreement along with the relative yet to arrive.
Refugee Class
Canada is a country that volunteers to host and take care of refugees from around the world who cannot go to their native country because of various reasons like the fear of persecution and insecurity. Canada is taking up thousands of refugees every year based on many tests and requirements.

Posted on June 26, 2020